Can you create a technology that supports the advancement of at home or community based health care?


Challenge Process

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  • Applications Open: April 29th

  • Phase I Deadline: June 7th at 11:59 EDT

  • Phase II Deadline: August 9th at 11:59 EDT

  • Finalists for the Challenge will compete live on stage at the Health 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, CA on Monday, September 16th, at 2:30-4:30 pm, in the Mission City Ballroom, B5. To view the Health 2.0 schedule, please click here.

  • The winner of the RWJF Live Pitch will be featured on the Mainstage on September 17th, at 3:15pm in the Mission City Ballroom, B1!


Phase I

Submission Requirements

  • One line overview of your technology

  • Slide deck (ten slides max) including a description of the technology, its overarching goal, and how it can improve healthcare based in the home and/or community

  • A mock-up or wire-frame of the technology’s design (five pages max)

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Impact: How easily can your technology be used in the home or community?

  • UX/UI: How strong is the design and intuitiveness of your technology?

  • Engagement: How likely is your technology to promote continuous and long-term engagement with end users?

  • Innovation/Creativity: How unique is your technology?

The challenge is open to innovators and companies at any stage of development.

Phase II

Submission Requirements

  • A 500-word overview of your technology describing its utility and what makes it more effective than other resources or similar products in the market right now

  • A brief video (three minutes or less) describing your submission and how it would be used e.g. a demo video of the product or a video explaining the concept/design of your solution and what makes it impactful

  • A link to a working application or tool

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Impact: How easily can the technology be used in the home or community?

  • Innovation/Creativity: How unique is your technology?

  • Scalability: What is the solution’s potential for widespread adoption?

  • Strength of Presentation: Overall strength of live pitch presentation

Example Submissions

Example Submissions

Asset 20@1.5x.png

App with coaching, reminders, and rewards to engage consumers in their healthcare

Asset 23@1.5x.png

Solution featuring non-intrusive sensors for at-home monitoring of acute/rare disease patients

Asset 25@1.5x.png

Application to support caregivers with common issues such as burnout and loneliness as well as provide peer support and information on resilience/coping strategies

Asset 24@1.5x.png

Consumer facing community health app to engage low income and marginalized users to access and utilize public benefits/resources

Asset 22@1.5x.png

Platform that directly integrates into community-based organizations’ workflows and allows healthcare professionals to collaborate on medication adherence, ongoing monitoring for behavioral care, substance use disorders, and mental illness

Asset 27@1.5x.png

Pediatric focused tool to increase healthy habits in children and teens while contributing to preventive care management

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